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2023 Homeschool Room Refresh, Our Current Homeschool Space

Creating a simple homeschool space in 2023 We have schooled in several rooms of our house. If you've followed me on YouTube, you may have seen our kitchen schooling, spare bedroom schooling, whole house/no school room schooling, and dining room schooling.  We are back in our dining room! But our dining table is not. Our spare bedroom that we were using was no longer a spare, and I needed a central space where I could help the kids, work, and keep an eye on an ever mobile baby. Oh, and be able to pop into the kitchen to cook, clean, do dishes etc, easily as well as pop into the family room to snuggle on the couch for reading lessons, or folding laundry, or nurse a baby, while still being visible to the kids working in the school room. Quite a tall order!  Our formal dining room fits all of those needs beautifully. We first moved back into this room with a large folding table and a wall of bookshelves. You can check those photos out below: That setup was ok, but didn't quite meet

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