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Amazon Find / The Perfect "Mom Bag" / Diaper Bag - Purse Combo

Y'all.  I have been looking for the perfect diaper bag that is not a diaper bag for the LONGEST time! I wanted something that would transition into toddler mom life and beyond, and I finally found it!  The Kattee Satchel! Just to give you an idea of what I was working with before, take a look below. We had a very big and bulky, but VERY functional backpack diaper bag. For newborn days - this was amazing. I kept everything baby and everything mine in it. Now that our youngest is reaching toddlerhood, I find myself going out alone on errand trips occasionally (aka whenever my hubby is available to keep the kids, it is a mini vacation!). For these runs, I take this smaller fake leather crossbody. It is functional, but the pleather is peeling and the zipper sticks. Whenever I have the kids out with me, I bring the backpack and the purse. This ends up being super annoying, and sometimes I forget the one! I needed a compromise. My list of needs was as follows: 1. Genuine leather - I want

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