True Bias Shelby Dress - Pattern Review

Ok y'all, if you haven't made this pattern yet - you need to! This is the True Bias Shelby Dress & Romper pattern and it is incredible. 

The style of this dress reminds me of the dresses my mom wore in the 90s and I love that! The princess seams are super flattering, along with the waist ties. Overall, you achieve a curve hugging fit (in a modest way!) with the comfort of a house dress. Major win if you ask me. 

I worked this pattern up in this cotton from hobby lobby. I used wooden buttons from amazon. Initially, I wasn't sure I liked the "handmade with love" on the buttons. I bought them for another project and had extra, but I was concerned they would feel childish on my dresses, but I have actually gotten so many compliments on that very detail. Go figure. Now I love that I used this buttons instead of plain ones. 

This is the second time I've made this dress and this time around I made a few fit changes. I chose to use a gathered sleeve for a bit more movement. I felt a tad restricted in the sleeve drafted for this pattern. I also chose to raise the neckline by about an inch for my personal modesty preferences. I added more buttons than the pattern specifies and I also added in seam pockets. 

This has become a regular wear for me. I love that I can dress it up for church, or wear it casually around the house. Throw on an apron and easily tackle chores - all while being cool and comfortable. I love looking like I put effort into my outfit, but feeling like I'm wearing pajamas haha. 

The pattern was well drafted. I didn't have to make many fit adjustments to the princess seams. I find that many patterns, once they venture into the plus size realm, have fit issues - at least on me. Mainly in the shoulder and upper bust. Many garments seem to get too wide for me at the shoulder, when they fit elsewhere, and then end up looking frumpy. I graded this one down to an 8 at the shoulder, then back to the 14 that I was making. I didn't have any issue with the fit at the bust or waist so that was nice! I also found the princess seams fun to work up. With 6 main sections - the dress comes together fairly quickly.  

I am still nursing, so the functional buttons are a great feature for me. I also like that the waist ties cinch the waist a bit, while the fit of the dress remains comfortable and easy to move in. There were no issues of buttons gaping or anything of that sort, for which I am grateful. 

The facing is tacked down at the shoulders and then also buttons and button holes, although I do notice it flipping up at the back of my neck when I first put the dress on. It does stay put throughout the day of wear though, so it isn't really an issue. More of an annoyance, but I don't really want to add a tack at the back either, so I will let it be. 

The length on this dress is also really great. It hits just about ankle on me and I love that. Long enough that it feels like a maxi, but short enough that it stays out of my way for walking and chores.

Until next time, Cris.