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Hey there! So glad you've found us. I'm Carissa, or Cris to my friends and family. This blog documents our journey homeschooling, attempting to do so thoughtfully and gracefully.
I have four children, currently teaching our oldest three- with our toddler tagging along as he wants. 

We are from California, but relocated to the south plains of Texas. We are Biblical Christians and a faith based education for our children is important to us. We've named our school Berean Academy as we hope that our children will "Be Bereans". 

So, why homeschool? I think every family's reasons are as unique as the family itself, but for us it's pretty simple; we feel called to homeschool and now that we've started on this journey we absolutely love it! 

Some basic benefits we see:
  • Time with our kids! Time as a family!! I love that we spend hours with our children that with other schooling options would be missed. With those hours we are able to instill our values, deepen and strengthen bonds as a family, and just enjoy one another.
  • Custom tailored education. I love the freedom to choose curriculum that best fits the needs of each of my children, and adjust as needed.
  • Real life experiences. A large portion of my children's learning takes place in "the real world" in real world scenarios. I love that my children get to experience more life due to the scheduling freedom homeschool offers us.
  • Social skills. Yes, social skills! My children have friends through church, extra curriculars, activities, play dates, etc. They also spend time with adults and children of various ages and skill levels instead of large concentrated time with their peers which I believe helps them to be articulate, well mannered, and confident children. 

I hope you'll join us as I share our adventures, curriculum choices, tips and tricks, budget ideas and more. 


  1. Hello! I am a new subscriber to your YouTube channel (under the "name" Raising My Tribe) which led me here! So neat to find out you are in Texas! I am in Texas as well! Looking forward to following your homeschool journey. God bless. =)

    1. So glad you're here! Looking forward to connecting and growing this community more this year. Thank you for taking the time to stop by the blog and commenting! I truly appreciate it!


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