Seamwork Meg Dress - Pattern Review - Christy Dawn Brynne DUPE

A dress for Mother's Day! I was hoping to finish this dress before Sunday, and I just barely made it. I'm ecstatic to wear this to church on Mother's Day. I know I will feel beautiful and stay comfortable all day. I'm also planning to pack this on my trip to Annapolis. This will be perfect to wear to my brother's USNA graduation. I will be cool, yet my shoulders won't burn. Paired with my brown sunhat, and super comfortable slim Teva's- I'l be set! 

Is this my favorite dress ever? It just might be! I know, I know. You're thinking, "she said that about every dress she has made so far..." BUT this time, I think I mean it. I'm already thinking of the next fabric I want to make this in. 

It is no secret that I love Christy Dawn dresses, and if they were in my budget I would definitely purchase them. But alas, they are not currently - so I aim to make the silhouette's that I love on my own. When I saw the Meg Dress from Seamwork, with the member bonus puff sleeves - I had to try it out! A similar pattern to try if you want this look is also the Eleonora one from Silversaga

I have been wanting to test out Seamwork's member community for a while though, so I decided to go the Meg route instead of the Eleonora. 

Since it was my first time making this pattern, I didn't make many adjustments. I made a size 14, and didn't grade down the shoulders or anything. It fits great at the bust and shoulder without adjustment, score! 

The major changes I made to this pattern are: Adding a tier t the skirt to achieve ankle length, adding in seam pockets, stitching the slit at the neckline halfway closed by hand for modesty preference, and using bias tape / elastic at the neckline instead of cording or ribbon.

I made version 2, with 3 rows of elastic at the waist. I really like the way the casings were constructed, and it is a super simple way to get the "shirred" look without doin the actual shirring. 

Pockets, because of course! I always regret when I don't add pockets to my dresses. 

I chose to make the ruffle tier very full at the bottom. Next time, I may not go so full, but I had plenty of this fabric and I love the way this ruffle moves during wear.

As I said, this was my first Seamwork pattern. I found the instructions to be clear and the pattern to be well drafted. I wish there were more dress options. I have many similar silhouettes to what they offer, so I'm not sure if the member subscription will make sense for me. I'm still trying to decide what my second pattern to download should be. With the monthly membership, you get two patterns a month - so they work out to be $8 each.  

I have thoroughly enjoyed the community though. I posted this project on the member platform and was overwhelmed by the positive and encouraging comments from other members. Definitely a great place to connect with other sewists!

I really love the neckline on this dress. I also love that it has set in sleeves instead of the top of the sleeve being gathered in at the neck. I think it gives it a better overall fit. I made two small pieces of bias tape, and then attached them to 1/4" elastic. I fed those through the neckline casing, and love how it turned out. The neckline is very adjustable. If you use a longer cord, or more elastic, you can achieve a wider and lower neckline. I preferred the more gathered and higher neckline. I also had stitched the slit up halfway, because I didn't want any peek a boo in that area. 

I can move freely in this dress and feel comfortable and modest. the neckline is secure and can stand up to lots of activity. The sleeves also have a great amount of ease, and the elastic at the waist keeps the fit very comfortable.

I made this dress out of this Emily Floral Cotton Calico at Hobby Lobby and have already ordered a lightweight white and blue ditsy floral to make next! 

Until next time, Cris.