Amazon Find / The Perfect "Mom Bag" / Diaper Bag - Purse Combo

I have been looking for the perfect diaper bag that is not a diaper bag for the LONGEST time! I wanted something that would transition into toddler mom life and beyond, and I finally found it! 

Just to give you an idea of what I was working with before, take a look below. We had a very big and bulky, but VERY functional backpack diaper bag. For newborn days - this was amazing. I kept everything baby and everything mine in it. Now that our youngest is reaching toddlerhood, I find myself going out alone on errand trips occasionally (aka whenever my hubby is available to keep the kids, it is a mini vacation!). For these runs, I take this smaller fake leather crossbody. It is functional, but the pleather is peeling and the zipper sticks. Whenever I have the kids out with me, I bring the backpack and the purse. This ends up being super annoying, and sometimes I forget the one! I needed a compromise.

My list of needs was as follows:

1. Genuine leather - I want it to last! 
2. Zipper top - I need to be able to toss it in the bottom of the stroller and not lose everything.
3. Budget friendly - I had roughly $65 to spend (this retails for higher, but there was a coupon, score!)
4. Cross body or handbag - Flexibility of wear is key for me.
5. Lots of compartments for organization - I want to keep my stuff and baby stuff separate. 
6. Structured bag - I want it to stand on its own when I set it down.
7. It needed to be on Amazon - I had a gift card. 

This Kattee Satchel bag amazingly checked ALL the boxes! You can find it here:

I love the color and the leather feels great.

There is a middle zipper pocket that separates two main compartments. This is perfect for keeping my wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses etc in a different part than diapers, wipes, and snacks! There are also two side pockets, and other zipper pockets as well. TONS of storage. 

The size is perfect for my needs. It is big enough to hold all the essentials, but not so big that I fill it with unnecessary stuff. I don't like to carry around a heavy bag. The construction of the bag seems great, everything feels very sturdy.

So, if you are looking for a stylish "Mom Bag" that doesn't scream diaper bag, but can still function as one - this is a great option for you!

- Cris