A Word of Encouragement for the Homeschool Mom

Motherhood and homeschooling is beautiful and hard and so many other things. I am so grateful for all the moments I get to share with these humans. I am forever honored that my husband supports and trusts me to educate them. But that doesn’t mean it is all daisies, and if I didn’t feel God’s calling I’m not sure this would be the life I’d have chosen. But goodness is it worth it. In some seasons the doubt creeps in and i wonder if my inadequacies will fail my children... this morning those doubts were circling in my head and then the Lord brought a simple word. 

Psalm 57:2 (ESV):  I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.

I have such a peace. I know I am in His purpose. I know that with His strength, I can mother my children in a way that glorifies Him. So to the other homeschool moms who may be doubting today, press on, and trust that you were made for this 💕

On a slightly unrelated side note, I'd also like to encourage you to get in front of the camera. I'm trying to get better at this, specifically capturing school moments. I don't have a ton of these pictures, but when I come across them I always smile.

I know that 10, 20, 30 years from now I will still enjoy looking back on this season of our homeschool and will be grateful to have these memories captured. Sometimes by hubby takes a snap for us, other times I use a self timer and just prop my phone up anywhere convenient. These snaps are sometimes blurry, never perfect, but full of sweet memories I want to be able to cherish. 

How about you? Do you get in front of the lens to capture these moments? Do you capture homeschool moments at all? If not, I hope to encourage you to do both! I don't mean take a million pictures of every moment, or take hours to set up the perfect shot for the gram. But a quick real life snap is one that you'll treasure I promise! 

I love to get photos printed. Free prints or Shutterfly are both easy options. I put my 4x6 prints in a real life photo album. Old school right? But seriously its awesome. I realized a few years ago that we didn't really get to enjoy all the photos we take, they're just digitally stored away and forgotten. So now I'm in the habit of picking my favorite pictures each month and printing them. These homeschool snaps always make the cut! I have more albums than I'd like to admit, but you know what? We use them! The kids pull them out and spend time reminiscing together. Every time the grandparents come out, a huge stack of albums comes out and we stay up late looking through the pictures. Sharing stories, laughing, and cherishing each other. These moments are ones that I love, and I can't say we would do the same huddled around a phone. 

So that took a random turn. I'm sure if you stick around to read more of my posts, you'll spot the trend. Lol. 

Until next time, Happy Schooling!