Free Daily and Weekly Bullet Journal Planning Pages PDF

Who loves a good planning layout? I sure do! These FREE bullet journal style templates are available in our PDF Library, or you can download them here on this post.

I created two very simple and flexible undated layouts that work for homeschool, or life, or business... Whatever you need!

I use these to digitally plan using my iPad, Apple Pencil, and the GoodNotes app (seriously my favorite and most used app), but you could also print these out and use them in hard copy form. With the paper shortage and everything, I find myself doing more and more digitally, and I have to say I love having less paper clutter, and saving on ink and paper costs is a happy bonus! 

Now on to the layouts. Here is a sample of how I'd fill out the weekly spread for homeschool purposes. 

I use the daily sections to make notes of things that pertain to me. Whether it is homeschool lessons I need to prep, or appointments to keep, all this info goes here. Looking at the green, pink, and blue post-its you can see how I use the post-its on the side to keep track of daily lessons for the kids. Not what assignments but whether or not they were completed that day. I don't personally keep super detailed notes of assignments in my planner. Alternatively, if you have more children and just want to track individual or core subjects you could set it up like the yellow post-it. Put the subject at the top and list your children down the first column. 

This layout could also be used to track habits or routines or anything else that you need! They are super flexible and a blank slate for you to use however fits your life best. Here's how the blank file looks. 
Here is an example of how I use the Daily Block Schedule.

There is a box for morning, afternoon, and evening. I find it helpful to spend a few minutes in the morning, or the evening before, and jot down what I need to do the next day. Separating it into 3 blocks helps my productivity immensely! I don't go super in depth with our daily planning, but a quick snapshot really helps me stay on track. This layout also includes a spot for meal planning, a to do list, and a spot for extra notes. It is undated, and you can quickly fill out the date and color in the bubble for the day of the week.

Again this layout is extremely flexible and works well whether you are planning digitally or with pen and paper. It also lends itself to homeschooling or regular life or business. Here's how the blank file looks. Click here to download yours!

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