Boho Farmhouse Christmas Stockings DIY - & A Round Up Of My Favorite FREE Stocking Patterns

Boho Farmhouse Christmas Stockings DIY - & A Round Up Of My Favorite FREE Stocking Patterns

Merry Christmas Y'all! In 2020, I made a set of heirloom stockings for our family. 

This year, I made one more for our newest babe. We are so excited to celebrate his first Christmas! Oh the memories!

Most of this post is from an older post on my old blog, which is no longer available. Which means there are broken Pinterest pins out there - oops! So I'm updating a republishing it here. I hope you enjoy! 

Also at the end of this post, there is a quick tour of our simple Christmas decorations this year! 

In years past, I've mad dashed sewn stockings, or grabbed cheap ones with no rhyme or reason or theme. I've even crocheted and knitted some before, using up odds and ends in my stash. But I never made these planning to continue to use them. They were quick fixes. This year I really wanted to take the time to make exactly what I wanted. Of course, in my true fashion, I started the project much too late and had to make some adjustments to achieve my goal.

I was going to knit our stockings, as I am partial to that, but I am a slow knitter. Snails pace. That wasn't going to work. So crochet it was! I've wanted an all white theme for quite some time. My decor and style often changes so I wanted something that could lend itself to many different looks. I'd call these boho farmhouse stockings. Our home is eclectic, with a fusion farmhouse, boho, and mid century/minimal. Sometimes a costal flair as well. The all white theme helps the stockings to feel cohesive, and the mix of patterns and textures adds interest.

I used a mix of free patterns which I will link in this post. I didn't follow any pattern exactly (I almost never do!) and I'm here to tell you to feel free to make a pattern your own! This often leads to trial and error for me, but I love switching up stitches/textures or taking my favorite parts of different patterns and mixing it up. I encourage you to do the same if you like! I'll give brief explanations of the changes I made.

Alright then, here is the breakdown of each of my Boho Farmhouse Stocking choices and the free patterns so you can get the look as well! Don't miss my favorite, #6! I used Peaches N Cream yarn (Worsted 4) in white (except for an ecru accent in one stocking). I bought two cones, and have a little over half a cone left after making six stockings.


I chose to do a different cuff than the pattern calls for. This stocking is for my daughter who LOVES ruffled socks, so I wanted to incorporate that. The heel method in this pattern is by far my favorite, and I used it in almost every stocking. Many other patterns required seaming, and I wanted to avoid that.


Stocking #7 is also made using the Persia Lou pattern. I didn't change the cuff for this one and made the cuff that is included in the pattern instead.


I adore the texture on this one! I made a few simple changes: substituted the heal for the Persia Lou version, and added a bauble garland at the top of the cuff. Very similar to this pompom garland tutorial from What You Sow - just slip stitching it to the cuff as I went.


I didn't check my gauge, but my stocking was turning out rather large. Instead of using 13 squares as her pattern calls for, I used 10. It required some creative seam work to get the shape right, but in the end it worked! This stocking has a much rounder foot shape than the others, but I love the uniqueness of each one.


Again I swapped the heal for the Persia Lou method. I also chose to space out the bobble stitches. Finished this with a simple single crochet cuff. My daughter has requested a large pair of pom poms hanging from this cuff so I will make a long tie with chain stitches, attach two pom poms, and the tie it in a bow on this cuff.


This stocking is for my husband. He requested simple, "without a ton of holes." I love the texture of this stitch, but it still dense enough to not feel or look like lace. Perfect for him. Again I went with the Persia Lou heel, and I changed the cuff. Just simple alternating rounds of Double Crochet and Single Crochet, and then a slip stitch round to finish it off.


This is my stocking and my personal favorite! I used the Crafty Boho Stocking pattern again, this time not altering the bobble stitches. However instead of three rounds of HDC I chose to use a DC, SC, DC pattern. I used the old faithful heel design from Persia Lou. My favorite aspect of this is definitely the cuff! I was already stitching up a simple sc cuff, when I just knew I needed something more. I recently made a wall hanging using loop stitch, just the inspiration I needed. I alternated between rounds of loop stitch and rounds of single crochet. Finishing off with a round of slip stitch.

And now a quick tour of our simple Christmas decorations for 2022: