Moody Master Bedroom Update - The BEST Blue Paint Color for 2023

Moody Master Bedroom Update

I have honestly been one to shy away from color in my home for a long time. Neutrals were my jam! But did I love it? Yes and no. I love to switch things up frequently and so I never wanted to commit to a bold choice on big pieces of decor. I always went for neutral options so I could easily switch out smaller things to get a different feeling. But my Pinterest board has been full of deep, dark, moody, and cozy spaces for months now and it was finally time to just go for it. I am so glad I did!

So if you have been on the fence about going bold with color choices, I’m here to encourage you and say “Just Go For It!” 

I debated and researched trying to find the right blue for a few weeks. I knew I wanted a deep dusty blue, but that was about it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted cool or warm undertones, if I wanted it to be more of a green-blue or gray-blue, the list of uncertainties goes on and on! 

So off to Lowe’s I went and grabbed a ton of samples, most of which ended up being too green. Then narrowed it down to Cafe Blue (Valspar). We ended up deciding to go with BEHR paint, mostly because of the price so I used to find BEHR’s version.

Provence Blue by BEHR is a super close match, but as I was grabbing the sample - Norwegian Blue caught my eye. I decided to grab a few more color chips that read more blue. I really wanted to compliment my orange rug, and the orange tones in our dresser and bathroom door. 

Out of the new samples Norwegian Blue was the clear winner! Just a heads up, we chose BEHR Premium Plus Paint & Primer in Eggshell and this is definitely a one coat paint if you are covering a light color like the cream we had in our room before. I seriously overbought. I grabbed 5 gallons (I've only ever used cheaper paint that didn't cover well), and used just over 1 gallon to do this room and the trim and a couple of doors. Luckily I love this color, and am now going to also do our library/school room and our office in it! Oops turned into a bonus! 

Back to the room update- my husband and I painted the room in a couple of hours. We are NOT pro painters, and so it is far from perfect. We love it though and over time I'm sure my painting skills will improve! 

Feeling more confident as the paint dried, but still nervous!

BEHR's Norwegian Blue is the BEST blue, in my humble opinion. Adirondack and NYPD were close runner ups though! 

I love the way this room turned out. Walking in to it feels like a cozy warm hug. Our sconces have warm colored lightbulbs and the room has a slightly green look in that light. In the natural daylight, it definitely reads blue. I love how the light changes throughout the day. 

We went for the "color drench" look - trim, doors, walls. I would have done the ceiling too, but we have acoustic tiles. Replacing that with drywall, or headboard, or any of the other solutions I have pinned on Pinterest just was not in the budget. I will also be painting our master bathroom Norwegian Blue. Our bathroom has tile half way up the walls that will be staying. It is a very small bathroom, tiny in fact. I am embracing that and can't wait to see this all cozy with the new paint color. 

I can see glimpses of our room from our kitchen/dining area and it brings me so much joy. I am officially saying goodbye to neutral walls and embracing moody design throughout our home! I can't wait to share more of our updates with you!

Until next time!