Christy Dawn Dress Dupe - Orchid Pattern from Chalk and Notch - Pattern Review

Sewing Pattern Review - Orchid Midi from Chalk and Notch - Christy Dawn Dupe

I spent my Saturday sewing a new dress for myself and absolutely love how it turned out! 

I fell in love with the 'Dawn' dresses from Christy Dawn. They are absolutely beautiful, but unfortunately way out of my current budget. These dresses are natural fibers, and have a great silhouette. I could tell that they would be very comfortable and also functional for my wardrobe.

So the search to find a pattern for a similar silhouette was on! I was hoping to find a ready made pattern that would need minimal changes, instead of drafting an entire pattern from blocks. Luckily, I found the Orchid Midi and with a few minor tweaks, it became a very similar dress! 

A few basic elements made this a great starting point. The bodice is a crossover/wrap design, the yoke is similar, the length is similar, and it features a drawstring waistband. 

I made a few simple modifications. First I swapped the flutter sleeves for a regular short sleeve with small gathering at the shoulder. I also chose not to add the slit in the skirt. 

Next time I make this, I will make a few more changes to achieve an even closer dupe. I plan to make the skirt fuller and gather it to attach to the bodice. I also plan to shorten the bodice a few inches. I would like it to cinch at my natural waist, without the bodice blousing out. I am also going to add piping at the yoke, and use the same contrast bias tape for the drawstring and the neckline. 

Overall, I am really happy with the dress and am excited to try a few more fit and style changes to achieve my goal look. I'm also working on a pattern to create another dupe. I love their Scarlet Dress. It features a simple bodice and a pleated skirt. I have the perfect dreamy brown linen that I am planning to use. For this dress, I am just using a simple bodice block, and will kind of wing adding the skirt! Stay tuned!